The Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band

by The Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band

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cast a spell and eat pizza


released March 27, 2015

recorded at the white house by nick johannes
mixed at vertical bread helicopter farms by parsley sandwich
full length something or other coming soon



all rights reserved


The Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band Hamilton, Ontario

zucchini jackson - barf
asarahguts - ax
joshua rad radish - squamp
annichoke - small mouth bass
dj castrated eggplant - qis
potadre celeriasis - doldrums

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Track Name: kudos
way, get, it, out, of, the way
hey, hows it goin man, hey, hey
my man, hey, I said, paul
hows it goin man, cheers today
my man, Dave, Dan, say dude
man, girl, I haven't seen you in ages
you still rockin, that that,
smooth-ass stockings, say babe, dame
feel that sane?

kudos, I have to say kudos
said kudos to you'all
kudos to the soul
kudos, kudos to the girl
kudos, kudos to the thrash
the thrash, the thrash
kudos, kudos to the know
kudos, kudos to the ash
kudos, kudos to the toast
kudos, kudos to the growth

burning magma, compost rubber
brainfart tattoo, burning magma compost
magma compost, one pack sail
flail maker annichoke
elastic band tree smasher
bam bam hologram
rad electroguilloteen
dj brainsworm
modest, modest, zuke
modest zuke,
modest, zuke mad
zuke, mad
Track Name: fazuul
uh pasta fazuul
I'ma tha masta da pasta
ma'ma pasta fazuul
I'cana do it
I must do it, yes
I will masta, masta that

pasta recipe,
that one which swims in me
I will, masta, I will

it's mine that recipe,
I will,
what, pasta
what, masta,
what, pasta

pasta fazuul, is impossible,
I must masta that recipe

what, pasta
what, pasta
what, pasta

I lost my opportunity
to hit that perfect opportunity
and get that taste of
what, pasta
what, pasta
is one of those things I must masta

various forms of recipes
that we just can try and just do really good at immediately
you just happen to run through these tests
and never you can just happen to intentionally potentially
potentially your thing and get all of these recipes
and take them all down down down
including, the one most elusive then, to all
pasta fazuul zuul zuul zuul zuul zuul
pasta fazuul is one impossible recipe because it doesn't exist
exist, it does, it does knowledge, exiiiiist

yes it does, I'm right here,
right here in front of you, on your plate
pasta fazuul, exists,
on this plate in front of you,
pasta fazuul, is right there in front of you
pasta fazuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul
Track Name: not a lobster.
I, have arisen
out of the sandpit
out of the quicksand
I seen the blue sky for the first time

a speck of sand
never a man
a speck of sand
nor spect of mehhaah

I was that speck
a never man
I stand a man
on the sand

not a monster
not a monster
made of lava
not a monster

a speck of sand
rose from the ground
a speck of sand
stood four feet tall
like forty feet tall
collassall all
a monster stood
made of magma good

not a monster
not a lobster
not a monster
not a lobster

not a monster (he's got claws)
not a monster (he's made out of magma balls)
not a monster (he's got claws)
not a monster (lobster balls)
not a lobster (magna falls)
Track Name: werms
all coming off in my face
all coming in my place

I have worms
in the soft spot
going to the

of worms
of worms
of worms

I'm going home
to the potatoschmith
and he's gonna make me a pie
of worms
of worms

why have this pie?

I'm a home
for homeboggining
down a hill of worms
oh worms
of worms
of worms

crawling, all on my fingertips
can't tell where my wedding ring is
oh its worms
oh its worms
oh its worms

oh its on my fingers

I don't know where my wedding ring is
its on my finger but all I feel are worms
all on my fingers and my hands I just
feel those worms all over all over all over
all over all over all over all over all over
I feel just just worms all over my fingers
off my fingers I just feel the worms
worms all over my fingers just roll over
my entire face of worms
Track Name: times new last time
hi hi you
I see you high above me

oooaahahah, I'm flying on down down down
lightning, shards of lazers
flares of breath, shooting round my skull
I feel it,
encycled my existence

loven atmosphere
atmosphere, atmosphere
loven atmosphere

a steambath
a cloud evaporated bulb

when i fall out of that bulb
when I feel that light pop up
and clutter is stuck in my
head I fall all about, crawling
I turn the light, its seen,
it lights me up,
I rise up, I rise up
I rise rise rise
I rise up, rise up
I rise out the sky
I rise out of time

rise up, Liza, oh climb
oh climb, because I love it
hit me again
Track Name: jazz twist
hey yall just check this one thing here right now
jazz, jazz hands,
jazz hands, stands in your
pants, jazz, jazz hands
jazz hands, reach down your pants

jazz hands, jazz hands, jazz hands will
reach down your pants,jazz hands
jazz hands will, touch your hands
touch your hands, touch your hands
right here in a jazz hands stance

touch your, jazz will
touch your hands with your pants
understand my stance
jazz will, swim through your system
and exit like this, twist
Track Name: asparagus mouth
smash,the first thing you hear
crash, the second thing is pain
and thinking, that something else wants you
and thinking, your the vessell of a garden green

I feel it coming out
green, an upside down crown

waving, unlimited leaves
smack me around all helplessly
I breathed, into this green army
and now, its coming after me

I feel it coming out
my garden, its coming out of me

(I looked over my shoulder and felt a green pepper)
out my mouth asparagus (what?)
garden has consumed my shit (ohhh)
I've been buried under it (what?)
garden is my existence (oh)
lettuce is my innner skin (huh?)
dangly sprouts are dripping out (no)
out my mouth asparagus (ah)
out my mouth asparagus (ahhh)

(in my crown)

when I put the seed in
it means you are mine
swallow it now
and I'll bust through your spine
Track Name: human marionette/telegraphic message from the past
pull me out that box
pull, me out that box
pull me, out that box
I, will hang off the wall
pull me out that box
I will hang until you
pull me off that wall
pull me off that wall
and I will have some action

I will have some action
when you will
take me out for action
pull out off of that wall,
pull me off when
human marionnette dance when you move your hands

move, your hands
human marry, net
human marionette, moves when you move your hands
move your hands, pull him off that, wall
human marionette, dance when you move his hands

dance, pull, when that , man
is taken off
take him off the wall
human marionette, dance dance dancedancedancedancedance
when you pull him off that wall
human marionette


a brick, was thrown, in to the, beach
a brick, was thrown, from the, ocean
and, the sound, thrown in, from the land
if you're from water,
then, that brick,landed
it said, no, no, key
i don't understand
what does no key mean?
its on the land
and it came from the ocean
they threw it back
a piece of shit
it was that plutogram from the sea
what happened man? what happened man?
what does no kee mean?
shit, it flew on over
it landed right beside my corona

fuck no fuck no, what no, what's goin on
what no, what's that sound?
I think I heard something
it's like a telegraphic message from the past
a sound from the past
that brick its vibrating
and its making a sound

wait a minute
that brick it's making a sound
makin a noise, its shaking
its' like it's trying to tell us something
its like its trying, maybe it'll tell me
what no keyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
oh, just tell me what nokia means
nokia? nokia, I understand now

it was tele-telegram from the past
oh, 'sea threw it back
telegram from the past man,
don't throw me in the ocean
don't throw me in the ocean
don't throw me in

I was just a speck of sand
and I ended up falling into a (?)